14 Jan 2016

Paddling in the river oil on board 20 by 24 ins

Struggling under the weight of 50 as yet unfinished paintings which I am trying to get ready for Panter and Hall in May, in the meantime I have been meaning to write something to celebrate the fabulous family time we had at Christmas up in North Wales. It is still, after so many Decembers on planet earth, a horrible surprise to find January waiting bleakly for you at the other end. And January 2016 is definitely really delivering on bleakness so far. Oh for those long sofa afternoons with log fire, TV and a glass of wine. One of many conversations had over claret was with my wife’s cousin Luke Geddes who is a specialist tree surgeon based in north London. It may be arctic out there now but if you need tree work, Luke is your man. Luke can handle anything from large scale removal of trees to getting your son’s drone disentangled from high branches.

More art related blogging to follow in due course, now back to my brushes.


remember- LG Trees- http://lgtrees.co.uk