Artists and Illustrators Summer 2013 issue -talking techniques with Luke Martineau

02 Jul 2013
Study of a small boy done in acrylics

Quick, everyone! To WHSmith with you, now!

I am in a magazine.

It’s important that anyone (and by anyone I mean one of the 4 or 5 people who ever read what I put here who are not actually me or my esteemed web designer who I know occasionally checks to see I am still taking an interest in my own website)…as I say it’s important that anyone who is thinking of rushing immediately to the magazine area of their local newsagent and barging past hobbyists and car enthusiasts as they grab the last copy of the July issue of Artists and Illustrators, that these people don’t actually buy the July issue, but rather the Summer issue of the mag. See, it’s confusing. There is a July issue, but I am not in it. I am in the Summer Issue. Of Artists and Illustrators magazine.

I am featured in their ‘Talking techniques’ section, where I, er, talk about my techniques.

I am also proud to announce the completion of a very small head study of a boy. Done in acrylics, this sort of thing is I think quite fun for a small child’s portrait as it is light and fresh and doesn’t take for ever to do, so need not be as costly as a more formal oil.

Study of a small boy done in acrylics