Back to school, pencils sharpened and protractors at the ready, finishing summer’s work before summer ends…possibly today?

06 Sep 2013

Children back in school.

Me back in the studio. Shocked by the news of Julian Barrow’s sudden death. He will be missed very greatly by a great many people. But will continue to inspire this artist to work harder and with good humour, despite not being here any more himself!

I need to get going on American pictures, so have been trying to clear a small corner of studio of unfinished work, with some success. Various commissions are more of less complete as of this week.

eg. this family-in-the-garden group-

Commissioned picture of 4 children in the garden

Children in a garden

It was a bit more fiddly to do in the end than I thought it would be, especially since the lilies were not out when they were supposed to be and I kept having to tweak them. Also the space is interesting and more complex than I originally realised. But nothing nicer than to paint an English scene like this.

I have also done a couple of children’s portraits over the summer.

Rafferty oil on canvas 24 by 18 ins 2013

Now then, what would Julian do- get on with it!