Cranking up the gears

17 Jan 2014
Luke at his West Point 2 studio

January is always a struggle. Why am I not in India or somewhere colourful and…dry?

I am working on a portrait of 3 children, but am otherwise just trying to keep it together whilst waiting for the days to be longer and drier. I have a tentative theme for my Panter and Hall exhibition in October- ‘Across the water’- a title which will is I hope helpfully vague and which will allow me to include Chelsea river views, Exmoor river pictures, beach scenes, Venice, and anything I want from last summer’s trip to Manhattan, Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard.

Yesterday afternoon I wandered to Waterloo Bridge to have a look at the new skyline- I painted the views both ways a few years ago, and the skyline in the direction of the city has changed enormously, bristling now with interestingly-named buildings- but you couldn’t see a sunset if you tried. The ‘dirty old river’ on the other hand looked very much its January self. As I emerged from the steps from the Embankment, the rain opened up. The parapet of Waterloo Bridge seems particularly exposed! I left without feeling the trip had served much of a purpose, but I will return with canvases in brighter conditions. There are pictures to be done there, but not yet.