‘Get up and work immediately’

25 Apr 2014

David Hockney wrote words to this effect on the wall next to his bed while he was a student at the Royal College of Art. I am thinking a lot about discipline, effort, WORK, at the moment. It’s never easy coming back from holiday. Someone once told me they didn’t really like going on holiday in the first place, for that very reason.

Anyway, enough with the upbeat tone already. It’s been a while since my last post here, and a lot has happened since then in my life: almost entirely on a little site called Facebook. It may seem odd to have suddenly embraced social media so late in the day, but I do have a plan. It’s just that the adjustment to using social media in a responsible way rather than a time-wasting way is a tricky one to nail from the start. So I find myself musing a lot about the role of publicity and promotion (ie searching for friends and ‘likes’ of my spangly new artist’s page) when I dare say I should be spending more time at the easel. Not for the first or last time is FB blamed for its users’ shortcomings.

Last night I was in the company of some very distinguished and hard-working artists, one a BP portrait award-winner, no less. But it’s one thing to hang out with talented artists, another to do something deserving of a prize! Come on, me. Pull my finger out.

But back to the plan…I am showing in October with Panter and Hall. And I hope to get all my alphabet pictures up on this website and available to buy as giclee prints within the next few weeks. Oh, and the Chelsea Art Society open exhibition is just round the corner. Plenty to be getting on with in the studio, and outside too.