More blossom pictures on the way after an inspiring week at Bodnant

01 Jun 2013
A painting of Rhododendron Study

Just returned from a week in North Wales. Due to pure good fortune (in terms of family history, and I suppose geography), we are able to visit Bodnant Garden on a regular basis. It is looking stunning right now, although it must have been even better a few weeks ago. The late and cold spring forced everything to come into blossom at the same time. I found some magical moments painting rhododendrons in the dell.


The work is very much in progress. Might be a contender for the forthcoming exhibition in October at Blenheim Palace, where I will be showing to help raise money for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal.

I return to London today in a state of slight trepidation though, as I am being interviewed for Artists and Illustrators magazine next week- a piece on technique. An honour to be included in the publication, but why does one never quite feel ready to show the contents of one’s studio?