18 Nov 2017

Every Girl’s Alphabet and Every Boy’s Alphabet

This is the perfect present for a godchild, a niece, a nephew…well in fact more or less anyone who is now, or has ever been, a child themselves. You should really buy a copy, or two. Beautifully produced, with 26 gorgeous colour plates and signed by writer Kate Bingham and myself, the text is even printed in a new font specially designed for the project. Vanity publishing? you bet! The…

14 Jan 2017

A Song for Tomorrow

Tremendous excitement about the forthcoming book A Song for Tomorrow, written by Alice Peterson and published on February 9th by Simon & Schuster. It is the story of my sister Alice Martineau, presented as a novel. It deals with Alice’s extraordinary struggle against cystic fibrosis, her passion and humour, her love life, and her relentless pursuit of a record deal which she not only achieved- she was signed by Sony in…

07 May 2016

From Thames to Tiber

All the work is now in the gallery, and some sales have even happened already, so if you are interested in viewing the paintings before the exhibition please give Panter and Hall a call on 020 7399 9999 or drop into the gallery during opening hours, 10-6 daily or 11-2 on Saturdays. The most recent of the paintings on display in the exhibition are the series of Parisian views which…

14 Jan 2016

Struggling under the weight of 50 as yet unfinished paintings which I am trying to get ready for Panter and Hall in May, in the meantime I have been meaning to write something to celebrate the fabulous family time we had at Christmas up in North Wales. It is still, after so many Decembers on planet earth, a horrible surprise to find January waiting bleakly for you at the other…

30 Nov 2015

Studio sale

The studio sale continues until Christmas so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it last week. The only difference is that the studio itself, which looked briefly like a gallery for about 2 days last week, has now returned to its primary function- as painting space and dumping ground for everything in our house which doesn’t have a home. The full list of pictures offered for sale can be found…