01 Jun 2013

More blossom pictures on the way after an inspiring week at Bodnant

Just returned from a week in North Wales. Due to pure good fortune (in terms of family history, and I suppose geography), we are able to visit Bodnant Garden on a regular basis. It is looking stunning right now, although it must have been even better a few weeks ago. The late and cold spring forced everything to come into blossom at the same time. I found some magical moments…

19 May 2013

Tulips, blossom and the Chelsea Flower Show

Spring never did quite arrive, or rather it came and went while I was cleaning my teeth last Tuesday. I have finally finished a couple of still lifes of flowers, just in time for the week of the Chelsea Flower Show, not that the two things are related except by the presence of flowers, nor that I have ever set foot in the Flower Show. I have, however, noticed the…

12 May 2013

The Sixty-five roses Ball at London’s Dorchester Hotel, June 7th

I have donated this picture for the auction at the Sixty-five roses Ball in aid of Cystic Fibrosis which is being held at the Dorchester Hotel in London on June 7th. You can bid for it even if you are not coming to the ball, as the auctioneer is accepting silent bids which will be taken into account during the live auction. This is the link for leaving a bid…

04 May 2013

The delights of painting in the street wearing my panama hat and looking like a real artist

The splendid weather has drawn me out of my little Shepherds Bush compound and I have been soaking up the glories of Sloane Square, South Kensington and Kensington Gardens in early Spring. There is little to rival the excitement of working directly from the subject. But the plein air artist must contend with plenty of hazards, too. Do I know know the way to the Sloane Avenue?  What’s the parking like…

27 Apr 2013

Get a painting done to celebrate a wedding – that dress deserves it

Having done something stupid whilst attempting to load files a couple of years ago, I was victim to a semi-catastrophic loss of data from my computer. The result was that I have been without photographs of many recent paintings, and I have consequently been trying to get myself reunited with a number of pictures in order to remedy the situation. One way to achieve this is to invite oneself for dinner- and it…