20 Nov 2014

Christmas presents

Is it just me or is that goose looking fat? If you have godchildren or grandchildren to buy Christmas presents for…or even your own children, who knows- I am pleased to announce that you can now buy my alphabet series as limited edition prints. Click here for full details. At the AGM of the Chelsea Art Society (my first as Pres.) I discovered what it means to be roasted…not just…

12 Oct 2014

Painting demonstration

I did my first ever painting demonstration at Panter and Hall on Thursday. Very difficult, and very exposing- I really discovered just how little I knew, or at least was able to say, about painting, although this will come as no surprise to some! I suppose I am quite instinctive as an artist, and enjoy making marks, and building up the sense of space, and I have been doing it for quite a…

08 Oct 2014

Recollections of the Private View at Panter and Hall

‘Across the Water’ opened last night with a cracking party. This is what it looked like a couple of hours before. It’s a grand old space at P and H these days. I want to thank everyone who came, everyone who didn’t come and made a tiny bit more room in an otherwise rather packed Panter and Hall, I ‘d like to thank everyone who bought a picture last night, everyone…

09 Sep 2014

Portrait commissions, painting family groups

In the slightly edgy days between signing off my Panter and Hall catalogue to the printer and actually starting to send it out to people, and dealing with the last refinements to framing and presentation of 66 paintings -gulp- I have taken on a busy schedule of new commissions. It’s the best way to avoid worrying about the show. The picture above was finished earlier this year, and I was reminded at a…

26 Jul 2014

Paintings of London and New York

Time for a summer post. Those who doubt that artists actually do anything much between the hours of 9am and 6pm except put in a quick call to their absinthe supplier will not be inclined to believe what I am about to say…but I have been working really hard! Yes, really, I have. It’s a sad moment but I think I may have completed the work for my show- which opens…