30 Mar 2014

I am learning, slowly, about social media.

Bridgeman image…already published by Roger la Borde as a greetings card but without letter L. When this goes live on the site for print on demand, this could be the ideal thing for your very own Luke, Leo or Laurence.

28 Mar 2014

Facebook – Luke Martineau Artist

I have new facebook page. I encourage you to visit, to like it, to become my facebook friend if you are not already. Thumbs up, and all that!    

09 Mar 2014

Bridgeman Library

I am in the process of uploading the rest of my Every Boy’s Alphabet onto Bridgeman Studio, which has just gone live. Bridgeman Studio will in due course allow people to buy not just licences to reproduce my pictures, but also to order prints on demand. Watch this space. In the meantime, here are a couple of images to whet the appetite….

30 Jan 2014

Working up the Every Boy’s Alphabet series after a long break

and it rained for 40 days… …but at least that made me do various things I’d never have  got round to doing had it not. Including a last stab at completing the alphabet for boys which I last grappled with several years ago. Having meandered off into the world of licensing I am really enjoying coming back to the business of actually painting up the series of pictures for no…

17 Jan 2014

Cranking up the gears

January is always a struggle. Why am I not in India or somewhere colourful and…dry? I am working on a portrait of 3 children, but am otherwise just trying to keep it together whilst waiting for the days to be longer and drier. I have a tentative theme for my Panter and Hall exhibition in October- ‘Across the water’- a title which will is I hope helpfully vague and which will allow…