17 Jan 2014

Cranking up the gears

January is always a struggle. Why am I not in India or somewhere colourful and…dry? I am working on a portrait of 3 children, but am otherwise just trying to keep it together whilst waiting for the days to be longer and drier. I have a tentative theme for my Panter and Hall exhibition in October- ‘Across the water’- a title which will is I hope helpfully vague and which will allow…

05 Jan 2014

Is that the sound of everything starting up again, or coming to an end…? And why is it so dark even at noon?

Exmoor is meant to be wet, but London is not….Not this wet, anyway. My house is leaking. My car is making a weird shrieking noise which might be the brake discs, might be a stone caught in the wheel arch, but then again could be anything at all given my expertise in motoring matters. Most likely it is the sound of a car that will not last a long time,…

09 Dec 2013

Eleventh Carols by Candlelight at St Luke’s church Sydney street in aid of the Alice Martineau Appeal for Cystic Fibrosis

Tomorrow is the big day- 729 tickets sold for the church, 250 for the party afterwards at the Chelsea Gardener. Room for some more last minute ticket sales if you happen upon this and have not yet made plans to come to a carol service in West London! Just ring the cf trust and they will be able to arrange for ticket collection on the door. 0300 373 1100 I…

25 Nov 2013

With the finishing line in 2013 hoving into view, the artist suddenly wakes up to the fact he has so much to do and so little time…but nonetheless manages to complete another family group for his most important clients yet

I have worked for many VIPs but I can safely say that these are amongst the grandest. The Cirencesters can trace their lineage back to Roman times and it is said that the word ‘Audi’ (there are several scattered on the forecourt of the mansion) derives from Julius Caesar’s famous pronouncement in the Bella Gallica: ‘I came, I saw, I heard about German technology, and decided to bring it the unenlightened…

16 Nov 2013

Just finished- a family commission, three children painted on a sofa in front of a window…with one dog.

I have just delivered a large finished canvas to old friends. The first time I visited their house to do this commissioned portrait of the children I was surprised to discover just how many of my pictures they had collected over the years, around 10 or so, including landscapes from North Wales, Florence, a couple of portraits, including figure pictures of both my wife and of my sister Alice whom I painted so many…