06 Sep 2013

Back to school, pencils sharpened and protractors at the ready, finishing summer’s work before summer ends…possibly today?

Children back in school. Me back in the studio. Shocked by the news of Julian Barrow’s sudden death. He will be missed very greatly by a great many people. But will continue to inspire this artist to work harder and with good humour, despite not being here any more himself! I need to get going on American pictures, so have been trying to clear a small corner of studio of…

27 Aug 2013

After a long wait, my picture of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant, viewed from the Mermaid Theatre’s Radio 2 studio, is going to be on show in Battersea

…and with a snappy title for a blog entry like that, who would not want to read further? I have been asked to contribute to a show which is part of the Thames Festival, and the show opens next week at the Pumphouse Gallery in Battersea Park. The picture itself was done in the studio, but I also did a study which was done on the day itself in the…

14 Aug 2013

Painting in America: New York skyline pictures and laid-back boating scenes in Martha’s Vineyard

  This scene of boat-building is part of a body of work I have just been developing in the States. What started as a kind -inspired, even- invitation from a friend and collector of my work to visit Martha’s Vineyard, and draw inspiration from the wonderful beach, harbour and pond scenes on offer, ended as a full-blown family holiday in New York City and the Hamptons. I know it sounds…

10 Aug 2013

Never put turpentine in a water bottle while out painting in the sun

It had been a decent enough session on the beach, sketching figures and umbrellas, first against the light, then with it. But I needed to get rid of the dirty turps in my jar, and I was in a nature reserve, not to mention that jettisoning turps anywhere is a tricky, not to say unacceptable, thing to do. I looked in my bag for a suitable receptacle. An empty water…

26 Jul 2013

Too many pictures and not enough days, or to put it another way…help!

Finally back in London after various enjoyable travels, to Exmoor the weekend before last, to Latitude festival in Suffolk last weekend. Southwold beach was a very acceptable venue for Monday afternoon, and I may even have found a subject or 2, but I held back from actually painting anything. The very thought of another unfinished work in my studio was enough to put me off, or was it just a…