09 Jul 2013

Publicity for Fenella Smith Luke Martineau range

Nice to see the mugs getting some good publicity in The English Home magazine. The English Home August Hope it leads to a few sales…. Just back from starting 2 commissions on the trot, in Gloucestershire and Hampshire. Glorious to be working in wonderful houses in this weather, English summer gardens at their best.

02 Jul 2013

Artists and Illustrators Summer 2013 issue -talking techniques with Luke Martineau

Quick, everyone! To WHSmith with you, now! I am in a magazine. It’s important that anyone (and by anyone I mean one of the 4 or 5 people who ever read what I put here who are not actually me or my esteemed web designer who I know occasionally checks to see I am still taking an interest in my own website)…as I say it’s important that anyone who is…

23 Jun 2013

Back to Ludgrove School to give a lecture about my life as an artist and a painting demonstration

This week has been busy but not in the sense of putting in the easel hours. I was selecting work for the Chelsea Art Society’s annual show on Monday, having been asked to be a Council member by Julian Barrow during the course of last year. It was a complete revelation to sit on a hanging committee for the day: submitting work to open exhibitions is very much part of…

18 Jun 2013

Portrait of a lady with colourful pashmina is finally complete

I have just finished my portrait of Sophie Bainsfair whose daughter I painted 10 years ago. I am very pleased with both composition and handling, and have enjoyed the whole course of the sittings, which were initially carried out at her house, and then continued in my studio in London. First thing I like about it- turning the canvas so it is landscape format as opposed to portrait. Second thing,…

09 Jun 2013

Busy week in the life of a London-based portrait and landscape artist

Phew. That was quite a week. I am once again this morning very calmly taking the decision I have so often taken in the past, which is never to drink alcohol again. Certainly not until the next time. But, you say, surely there is a fine tradition of dissolute living which any self-respecting west London-based portrait and landscape artist would feel it his duty to continue in whichever way he…