Paintings of London and New York

26 Jul 2014
oil painting of London 20 by 48 ins

Time for a summer post.

Those who doubt that artists actually do anything much between the hours of 9am and 6pm except put in a quick call to their absinthe supplier will not be inclined to believe what I am about to say…but I have been working really hard! Yes, really, I have.

oil painting of London 20 by 48 ins

It’s a sad moment but I think I may have completed the work for my show- which opens at Panter and Hall in Pall Mall on 8th October. One reason for a rather quiet spell on the old social media has been that I have been putting final touches to around 50 pictures in my studio over the last month. It’s too soon to say whether I’m happy with them, or indeed with the theme of the show- ‘Across the Water’ is meant to pick up on the idea of ‘across the pond’ and the show does include a number of works from my USA trip last summer, as well as a large number of London Thames views. Anyway, it’s too late to change tack now, and I will spend some time on ‘holiday’ painting over the next few weeks before having one last look at my efforts when I fit frames and check them all into the gallery for cataloguing.

If you happen across this post and want to come to the show, please send me an email and ensure I have your contact details. The catalogue will be available to discerning connoisseurs and collectors in its traditional paper form, and via e-catalogue to riff-raff friends and fellow artists. But everyone, and I mean everyone, is welcome!