Portrait commissions, painting family groups

09 Sep 2014

The Brycesons, oil on canvas 30 by 36 ins-001

In the slightly edgy days between signing off my Panter and Hall catalogue to the printer and actually starting to send it out to people, and dealing with the last refinements to framing and presentation of 66 paintings -gulp- I have taken on a busy schedule of new commissions. It’s the best way to avoid worrying about the show.

The picture above was finished earlier this year, and I was reminded at a party the other night that it has hitherto not found its way onto my website. Well, here it is now!

I include it, as well as the looser study on the banner for this post, because I am concerned with evolving 2 new compositions for family groups this week, one a reasonably straightforward (are they ever, though?) pair of children, the other a quite unusual grouping of 2 grandchildren with their grandfather and 2 small dogs. Always nice to have a challenge.

I’m also painting another two separate individual portraits, and have just finished another double portrait. This feels like an awful lot to manage, but September is an energised and energising month and people look at their best after the summer sun.

Must get on…any moment now I will have to jump onto the email and start banging the drum for the show. But until then, it’s spaniels and sofas….