Recollections of the Private View at Panter and Hall

08 Oct 2014

‘Across the Water’ opened last night with a cracking party. This is what it looked like a couple of hours before. It’s a grand old space at P and H these days.

Panter and Hall - an hour before the doors open

I want to thank everyone who came, everyone who didn’t come and made a tiny bit more room in an otherwise rather packed Panter and Hall, I ‘d like to thank everyone who bought a picture last night, everyone who said they liked my work…my agent, my mother, my cats….

I feel very gushy and that’s not to be encouraged, so I am going to stop right there.

But there you go, it went well and I am happy.

If you haven’t been yet- in fairness it only opens to the ‘public’ in 20 minutes time so you’d have done well to do so- or weren’t even planning to, please do go. The show is open until 24th October, I will definitely be there on Friday 10th and again on Thursday 16th as I will be wielding a brush for the entertainment of anyone who is interested-at 1.15pm on both days- and I would love to see you so I can gush some more.

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