30 Nov 2015

Studio sale

The studio sale continues until Christmas so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it last week. The only difference is that the studio itself, which looked briefly like a gallery for about 2 days last week, has now returned to its primary function- as painting space and dumping ground for everything in our house which doesn’t have a home. The full list of pictures offered for sale can be found…

17 Sep 2015

Portrait commissions

Just completed a picture of 3 children playing with lego. Very pleased with it. I am trying to finish half a dozen projects at the moment, and I need to do so fast, as the autumn is coming on and I have another Panter and Hall show to prepare for. I will also be doing a studio sale this November, so let me know if you would like an invitation….

14 Jun 2015

5 artists in Venice at the Chelsea Art Society

At Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road from Thursday 18th June to Monday 22nd June, Thursday- Saturday 10am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm, Monday 10am to 2pm. This week the Chelsea Art Society has its 68th annual open exhibition, and as a sort of showcase of some of the variety on offer within the Society we present work by a group of painters on a Venetian theme. 5 artists, 20…

03 Apr 2015

Painting in Venice

I wanted to post something about the Chelsea Art Society trip to Venice. I enjoyed the 12 days painting as much as any painting I’ve ever done. You cannot easily paint an original painting in Venice, or find much new to say, but at the same time it is almost impossible not to want to paint practically everything you look at. I first visited Venice in 1989 and in the intensity of…

05 Mar 2015

Venice, portraits, and prints for Spring

I have just delivered a new portrait- having made the final touches. I am very pleased with this one, as it has a lovely sense of light and life. Oil on canvas, 24 by 16 ins. It’s been a slow start to the year. Decorators in, all manner of January-based excuses for not being that fired up. But next week, off to Venice. 12 days there in fact, which ought to…