18 Jun 2014

Chelsea Art Society Open Exhibition

I really want to encourage you to come to Chelsea Town Hall over the coming days, for the 67th Open Exhibition of the Chelsea Art Society. The show opens to the public tomorrow but will be formally opened tonight by the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea. Please do come along and have a look. There are nearly 450 paintings and prints, and nearly 100 sculptures in the show, many of…

06 Jun 2014

Remembering Normandy

I have been lazily ignoring my aim of posting to my blog every 2 weeks. Too busy having my head turned by other social media platforms. That’s the trouble with your typical artist… flaky. Anyway, I was thinking this morning about Normandy, where I spent an idyllic six months in 1996 as a student, painting in a barn, in an orchard, in the depths of the beautiful countryside near Alencon….

05 May 2014

Blossom picture in stages

I started this a year ago in North Wales and then added the figure when I got back. The picture needed some beefing up so I have been throwing some more marks onto it, but now I must be careful and stop soon. I am working on around 10 blossom pictures from this year and last, and enjoying every minute.

25 Apr 2014

‘Get up and work immediately’

David Hockney wrote words to this effect on the wall next to his bed while he was a student at the Royal College of Art. I am thinking a lot about discipline, effort, WORK, at the moment. It’s never easy coming back from holiday. Someone once told me they didn’t really like going on holiday in the first place, for that very reason. Anyway, enough with the upbeat tone already….

05 Apr 2014

Call for entries- Chelsea Art Society

  The Chelsea Art Society has recently asked me to be its President. It is a great honour to take over from Julian Barrow, who presided for 23 years over its annual show in the Town Hall in King’s Road. Julian’s untimely death was a reminder not just of the brevity of life but of how important it is to try to spend it doing something you actually enjoy doing. His…