Studio sale

30 Nov 2015

Figures on the road mixed media on board 15 by 16 ins 2011The studio sale continues until Christmas so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it last week. The only difference is that the studio itself, which looked briefly like a gallery for about 2 days last week, has now returned to its primary function- as painting space and dumping ground for everything in our house which doesn’t have a home. The full list of pictures offered for sale can be found on this site. Please get in touch if there’s anything which catches the eye in the run-up to Christmas. I am pleased to have sold the big New York panorama which was the centrepiece of last year’s Panter and Hall exhibition. But Lilies and Roses remains, as does the City of London seen from Waterloo Bridge.

Lilies-and-Roses,-oil-on-canvas-30-by-36-ins-2014_1400 Skiing pictures were popular but I still have 2 finished works available, for instance this one of the spring snow slopes towards St Martin de Belleville. The painting was started very awkwardly, me on skis and carrying oils and brushes, and twisted round to balance everything on a rock in the middle of the off-piste. I know you will right now be empathising with the harsh realities of the plein air artist’s lot, having to earn his meagre crust in the harsh badlands of the 3 valleys, but you mustn’t worry too much about me: it was followed by a good lunch back home in Meribel, and the efforts have been worthwhile.Roc de fer, towards St Martin de Belleville oil on board 6 by 12 ins 2015


As ever in the run-up to Christmas I am offering my limited edition prints – please look at the prints page for all the info.Martineau_Pink_Elephant_400