Is that the sound of everything starting up again, or coming to an end…? And why is it so dark even at noon?

05 Jan 2014

Dominic on Millie

Exmoor is meant to be wet, but London is not….Not this wet, anyway. My house is leaking. My car is making a weird shrieking noise which might be the brake discs, might be a stone caught in the wheel arch, but then again could be anything at all given my expertise in motoring matters. Most likely it is the sound of a car that will not last a long time, and which will be ruinously expensive while it goes through its death-throes. I have been email phished rather embarrassingly and annoyingly- for others, not me- and feel I must apologise to anyone who has noticed. I need a haircut. I can’t remember anything at all, except something to do with claret.

January! The month where good intentions founder on the rocks of feeble self-discipline within hours of setting out on their brave journey.

George Tims oil on canvas 12 by 9 ins oil on canvas-001


In the rather short ‘plus’ column, there is a finished portrait to report. And a man on a horse which I am excited to be putting into a frame later this coming week. And a family group just started. And some fireworks pictures- seasonal. And a very lovely consignment of wine from a nice uncle winking at me from the bottom of the cellar stairs. Ok, it’s not all bad….