With the finishing line in 2013 hoving into view, the artist suddenly wakes up to the fact he has so much to do and so little time…but nonetheless manages to complete another family group for his most important clients yet

25 Nov 2013

I have worked for many VIPs but I can safely say that these are amongst the grandest. The Cirencesters can trace their lineage back to Roman times and it is said that the word ‘Audi’ (there are several scattered on the forecourt of the mansion) derives from Julius Caesar’s famous pronouncement in the Bella Gallica: ‘I came, I saw, I heard about German technology, and decided to bring it the unenlightened mob over the other side of the channel’.

Here they are, in all their springtime glory, a full six months after the work began:

Dom, Ali, Poppy and William in the garden 2013 oil on canvas 24 by 30 ins-001

Leaving such nonsense aside, who would not dig deep when painting a picture for his web designer and IT consultant? It’s what Caesar would have called a non-cerebrum.